Internet Solutions for the Business Community.

Broadband Internet. Fast & Reliable. Period.

Our Broadband Internet services deliver business-class connectivity over a privately-managed, secure IP network that provides high reliability and exceptional performance. It is the perfect solution for businesses needing a fast, reliable, symmetrical Internet connection. And most importantly, our customer service and support is without compare.

Web & Email Hosting

Industry standard cPanel Web Hosting? Check! No time and need us to mange your hosting? Check! Need a customizable hosting environment on a Virtual Private Server? Check! Hate sharing your email data with Microsoft, Gmail, or Yahoo? Try our Hosted Exchange Service or Hosted Email Service using your own domain at no extra cost. Check! Too much spam, malware, or phising messages in your mailbox? Get our Proofpoint based Email Protection Service to protect your emails. Check!

Blue servers in racks
Servers in racks

Cloud Solutions

Featuring Infrastructure, Platform, Software, Security, and Disaster Recovery. Based on VMware and Azure solutions to meet your cloud computing needs!

Voice & Unified Communications

Save money and stay connected, while increasing your mobility and collaboration. RingCentral is a hosted communication solution that allows small businesses to easily migrate your business phone system into the cloud. Your cloud phone solution doesn’t require costly and complicated technical specialists. Administrators can quickly and easily manage users, locations, and devices anywhere, anytime. Users are empowered to control many of their own settings. Optimize your business communications with enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, and BYOD capability.

Customers focus. Technology simplified.

Years Customer Service
Years Technical Expertise
Years Simplifying Technology
Internet Explained

At SelectNet our primary focus is our customers. Our years of customer service plus technical expertise allows us to quickly understand and address our customers needs.

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